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Jenna Morasca: My Next Boyfriend Needs to Be a Dog Lover

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At 32, newly single reality star Jenna Morasca knows what she wants in a future mate. Following her breakup from fellow Survivor winner Ethan Zohn after 10 years of dating, Morasca has decided that she wants to find a guy who’ll love her and her dog Bobbi – unconditionally. In her third blog for, she discusses how she came to that realization.

I am a single parent – a newly single parent, that is. Loving and parenting a dog as a single parent can create all sorts of new and unusual problems, but also new sources of joy. When I adopted 5-year-old Bobbi, I was in a relationship, and we mutually agreed it was time to expand the family – well, it was more like I wore him down, convincing him it was time to adopt a dog.

We were both home a fair amount at the time so it was as if the stars aligned, pointing me into the direction of a new furry child. Since he was not an avid dog lover like myself, I was also looking forward to sharing the excitement I know owning a dog can bring with my partner. What I didn’t realize is that you can’t force a square peg into a round hole. Sometimes, people will just never love dogs.

So when my relationship dissolved, I was all of a sudden a single parent. I had all of the responsibilities of Bobbi, no one to help when I needed to run out for a second, and no one to keep Bobbi company as I worked diligently through herseparation anxiety.

In the midst of the chaos of trying to parent alone, I started to realize a few things. While it was hard taking her for walks by myself, feeding her, bathing her and organizing dog sitting for her when I was gone, some positive aspects of the situation started to shine through like a rainbow in a rainstorm.

For instance, I was the sole recipient of all of her love, attention, focus andkisses. While I was focusing all of my attention on her, making sure this transition was as smooth as I could make it, she was focusing all of her attention on me – in a good way. She was lifting me up without me evenknowing it. I was now the center of her universe and the focus of all her love and devotion and, I can’t lie, it was wonderful. All of her love and furry hugs started to lighten the sadness I had going through this alone. I realized that even in the darkest nights if you look hard enough you can see a star shining bright. That star for me was Bobbi.

Something else I realized along the way is that I need to be with someone who loves dogs as much as I do. But how do I do that? There has to be a way I can connect with people who love and adore these four-legged creatures as much as I do. I will always have dogs in my life and I absolutely can’t be with someone who willchallenge that or disagree with that stance – I will not budge on this, ever.

That’s when I got a phone call that changed everything. A while back I had worked on a movie called End Game; not long ago, the director emailed me and said he had the perfect job. Perfect? Well, it turns out it was evenbetter than perfect (if that’s possible): he wanted to hire me to do a commercial for a dating site called, for singles who love dogs!

I showed up on set so excited about this new company that my head was about to explode. I shot the commercial and the owner, Kris, let me use one of his precious fur babies named Jordan in the commercial. Needless to say, Jordan was the realstar on the set that day, and I think I fed her about 100 dog treats. The commercial is currently running and every time I see it I gain hope – hope that I will find my match one day, hope that he will love dogs as much as I do, and hope that even in the worst situations there is always something good waiting around the corner. It just so happens in my situation that what waswaiting for me around that corner had fur, four legs and a huge heart.

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