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Jasper the Yorkie Helps N.Y.C. Pub Stay Open for Business

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Did you hear the one about the dog who walked into a bar? On New York City’s Upper West Side, it’s no joke – Jasper, a 3-year-old Yorkie, is bringing in the business at the 67-year-old Emerald Inn.

Owned by locals Ali Otstott and Glenn Staack, Jasper’s been coming to the pub since he was little. “He’s somewhat the mascot of the Emerald Inn,” Otstott tells Every morning, he joins Otstott and Staack at the pub around 9 a.m., where he enjoys his turkey breakfast – and drinks water from a shot glass, to the delight of patrons.

But eating isn’t all Jasper is known for. The pint-sized pup – he weighs in at just 8 lbs. – loves fetching his extra-large stuffed bone from anyone who’s willing to play. “Just him being outside attracts a lot of people,” bar manager Charlie Campbell tells “Everyone gets a kick out of him.”

And the attention couldn’t come at a better time: About 18 months ago, the small, historic spot was in danger of closing after a landlord tried to double the rent. Granted a two-year lease extension (at a better, though slightly high rate, according to the New York Times), the bar, owned by Campbell’s father Mike (above), is now thriving.

But just because Jasper gets special treatment, it doesn’t mean other dogs will, too. Campbell explains that his father happens to own a Yorkie, as well, so Jasper has a bit of an ‘in.’ Though his good manners (and good looks) don’t hurt.

“He’s a truly unique dog,” Otstott says. “Everyone says they’ve never met a Yorkie like him, if not a dog like him.”

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