Amy Jamieson
November 21, 2011 05:45 PM

Jane Lynch is mourning the loss of a beloved friend. The Glee star said goodbye to her tabby cat Greta recently and shared the news of her passing via Twitter on Sunday.

“My sweet kitty Greta took her leave from us. We loved her so. Kiss your own kitties and pups right now,” she wrote, posting a photo of her wife, Lara Embry, cuddling the fluffy feline.

Lynch later thanked her followers for their photos and Tweets of support through this difficult time.

“Thank you so much for your most comforting words about sweet Greta kitty,” she said. “Boy, they get into our hearts. My grief though painful, is clean.”

The actress and her spouse are no doubt also finding comfort in their remaining brood of animals, which include Lhaso apso Olivia, Wheaten terrier Georgie, and Greta’s buddy, tabby cat Riley.

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