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It's Monday, and This Baby Sumatran Tiger Will Make It All Better

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So what if you have to go to your job and work really hard all week? This baby Sumatran tiger was rejected by its mother for having a bum leg. (Perspective people, perspective!)

We all should be in awe of the work scientists are doing at this orphan sanctuary in Sumatra, Indonesia, where orangutans and other abandoned and endangered animals are being given a second chance. Thanks to the tireless work of their caretakers – who try to mimic the creatures’ mothers by sleeping beside them – they are thriving and hopefully will one day return to the wild.

How does one become a professional infant tiger cuddler? We’ll do some research on our lunch break and get back to you. In the meantime, get inspired by these beautiful babies who are especially adorable when they cry and squirm out of CNN Special Correspondent Philippe Cousteau’s arms.