Courtesy WestVet 24-hour Animal Emergency & Specialty Center
Amy Jamieson
November 18, 2016 12:09 PM

Jardo, a police dog who received blood from two canine donors last week after being shot by an armed suspect in Boise, Idaho, died on Wednesday.

In a heartbreaking Facebook message, the Boise Police Department shared on Thursday that they “lost a member of the Department last night.”

“Jardo served our community and though we were blessed with these few extra days to share with him, he ultimately gave his life in the protection of fellow officers,” Boise Police Chief William Bones said in the post.

The pup, who was thought to be recovering well following emergency surgery performed at the WestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency & Specialty Center, was at home when his family noticed he was acting strangely, the Facebook post said.

“They called the vet then rushed him to the hospital where he died after going into cardiac arrest,” the message said. “RIP Jardo.”

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The surgeons who operated on Jardo were saddened by the loss as well. “The entire WestVet team is devastated at the loss of this faithful, loyal Boise police K9 officer,” WestVet said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to the men and women who served with Jardo and those feel his loss so greatly today.”

The police department shared that hundreds of cards and letters poured in for Jardo after he was hurt in the line of duty. The Facebook post was shared more than 1,000 times.

“Thank you for your service officer Jardo,” said one of the Facebook commenters. “You gave the ultimate sacrifice, and you will be remembered always.”

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