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I Voted: These Pets Have Already Cast Their Ballots for the 2016 Election

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Source: Instagram

Election day is drawing near, but for some the voting moment has passed.

Absentee ballots across the country are in the mail and waiting to be counted, and these Americans aren’t shy about showing off their early voting pride, posting photos on social media of their “I Voted Early” stickers.

Some of these absentee voters are also willing to admit they had a little help with their ballot, turning to their pet for a second opinion. While animals still don’t have the right to vote, it doesn’t stop them from lending a paw.

Whether “You’re With Purr” or want to “Make America Fluffy Again,” remember to follow the example of these cats and dogs, and cast your vote!

grab me by what? #ivoted #blackcats #blackcatsofinstagram #kittycat #cute #stuffonmycat

A post shared by Del Nakamura (@del_the_funky_kitty) on

Whether you're a Repuplican or a Doggocrat or a Liberterrier, get out and #vote! I'm #milliebeaupup, and I approve this message.

A post shared by Kate Bernard Photography (@kate_bernard) on

We voted. @sidandnancycats #imwithher #pussygrabsback #nastywoman

A post shared by Sam Sherman (@samanthasherman) on

Charlie did her civic duty #ivoted #election2016 #earlyvoting #dogstagram

A post shared by @martaahh on