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How Julianne Hough Keeps Her Dogs Close

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Other people might wear their hearts on their sleeves, but Julianne Hough puts hers right on her feet.

“Wearing my Lexi and Harley socks that the sweet and thoughtful @tessatooley got for me in southport!” she wrote on Instagram this week. “LOVE them!”

Lexi and Harley, Hough’s Cavalier King Charles spaniels, usually have a place on or very near their owner.

“They’re my kids,” she told PEOPLE in 2011. “They’re my babies.”

Four-year-old Lexi and 2-year-old Harley warmed up next to Hough on Sunday, when the trio huddled together by a roaring fire.

“Nothing better than cuddling by a fire with my girls while I read!” Hough wrote on Twitter. “What a perfect Sunday night!”