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How Do You Clean Your Dog's Ears? PEOPLE's Pet Vet Shows You How to Do It Safely

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Ruff? Ruff? I can’t hear you!

When it comes to dog ownership and caring for your pup, one of the more commonly asked questions is “How do I clean my dog’s ears?” Luckily PEOPLE Pet Vet Evan Antin has the answers, and he is here to share them with us.

Whether your pooch has allergies that manifest in its ears, goes swimming a lot, or has an ear shape that (read: big and floppy ones that cover the ear canal) tends towards build up and bacteria, Dr. Antin can walk you through this grooming procedure safely, so no doggie eardrums are hurt in the process.

One quick tip: Have plenty of treats on hand to make the situation much more tolerable for your pet.