People Staff
August 22, 2013 10:30 PM

There’s no furry rivalry here. When New Zealand resident Kim Edwards realized her cat Rory had ingested rat poison last week, she turned to a risky paws-ibility to save her pet’s life: dog blood.

After bringing Rory to her local veterinary clinic, Edwards was informed the cat needed an immediate blood transfusion to save its life. With not enough time to send a blood sample to the lab to determine Rory’s blood type, Edwards called upon her friend Michelle Whitmore for help.

The vet retrieved blood from Whitmore’s black Labrador retriever, Macy. The risk at hand: Giving Rory the wrong blood type would lead to instant death.

“People are going to think it sounds pretty dodgy – and it is – but hey, we’ve been successful and it’s saved its life,” tending vet Kate Heller tells The New Zealand Herald.

Following the procedure, Rory appears to have bounced back with no further damage and has yet to show any side effects.

“Rory is back to normal,” Edwards confirmed, adding jokingly, “and we don’t have a cat that barks or fetches the paper.”

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