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Holly Madison's Ferret Makes a Great Floor Mop

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There isn’t any video evidence just yet, but Holly’s World star Holly Madison says one of her pet ferrets leads a double life as a certain cleaning tool.

“My girl dog [Josephine] will grab the ferret by the tail and drag it across the floor,” she told at the Power of Love gala last week. “At first when I saw this I was horrified because it thought it was hurting him, but he goes back for more. He loves it. He’s like a mop on the floor. I keep telling the reality crew to get it on camera but they never catch it.”

When they’re not roughhousing with the dogs, the star’s male and female ferrets (who have “really different personalities”) are living it up in the outdoor habitat they call home. Although the ferret’s digs are air-conditioned, the enclosure doesn’t have heat, “so they’re living in my bedroom right now,” Madison explains.

Does she see more ferrets in her future? “If I hear from the animal rescue that they have more – I mean, I have a pretty big animal habitat – I’m up for more if they get along with my other animals,” she says. “I love them, they’re the cutest animals ever.”

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