Katherine Richter
May 27, 2017 02:55 PM

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shared an adorable clip of a 4-month-old hippo discovering bubbles on Saturday.

In the video, Fiona — a baby Nile hippo who was born six weeks premature — is seen watching a flurry of bubbles descend onto a platform, and she seems skeptical.

She takes stock of the bubbles a few seconds longer, but then she strides out of the camera’s lens.

“What are bubbles? Fiona isn’t sure!Caring for our animals includes providing them w/enrichment & introducing them to new stimuli like bubbles,” the zoo tweeted on Saturday, along with the video.

The zoo said on their website said Fiona’s care team — which have been assigned to her due to her premature birth — is also introducing her to cardboard, along with the bubbles, as new stimuli.

“She wasn’t a huge fan of the way bubbles felt on her skin and tried to rub it off. Cardboard, however, has become one of her favorite things to wear! #TeamFiona,” the zoo said.

Born in January, Fiona weighed only 29 pounds — low compared to the average hippo birth weight of 55-100 lbs. — according to the zoo’s site. She required 24-hour critical care for several months.

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As of Wednesday, though, she had reached healthy young hippo status, weighing in at 254 lbs.

The zoo indicated she is not quite ready for her public debut yet, but they hoped patrons could visit Fiona come summer.

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