Alexia Fernandez
May 16, 2017 09:15 PM

Hilary Duff might need a little alone time.

The Younger star posted a hilarious photo on Instagram Tuesday of her newest puppy, Momo, accompanying her to the bathroom and sitting inside her pants as she peed.

“Can’t even pee without this stalker finding me,” she wrote in the caption.

At first difficult to spot because his black coat blends in with Duff’s black pants, it’s easy to forgive Momo. The cute pup was adopted by Duff, 29, in early May.

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Since then, Momo has starred in multiple Instagram videos and pictures, including swatting at Duff’s hands and chewing on his bone.

The actress has long been a dog lover and has had her share of heartbreak in the past. In 2013, she announced the death of her dog, Lola. In 2016, she lost her French bulldog, Beau.

Not wanting to live a life without a best friend for herself and her son Luca, Duff adopted a new French bulldog, Peaches, in March 2016. She also has a Bernese Mountain dog by the name of Dubois.

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