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Happy National Dog Day! We've Got the Details on How Emmy Rossum Will Celebrate

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If there were a National ‘Best Pet Owner’ Day, Emmy Rossum would definitely win. But, for now, she is taking this day to honor her furry loved ones with some delicious sweet treats from the nation’s #1 cupcake hotspot.

“They will probably get little dog cupcakes from Sprinkles,” says the Shameless actress, 28, adding, “I am gluten free, but my dogs are not!”

While Aug. 26th is officially National Dog Day, the animal adoption advocate makes sure to honor her three dogs, as well as her cat, on the daily.

“[Adopting] makes you feel a sense of pride and value that you can save a life like that,” Rossum tells PEOPLE at Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles on Friday, where she hosted an adoption event as a part of the Windows 10 “Upgrade Your World” movement (a year-long initiative celebrating the people and organizations who are making a difference in their communities and around the world).

“I always feel the happiest when I’ve done something good for [an animal] – not when I buy a new bag.”

As every obsession must start somewhere, Rossum’s began with animals that require somewhat less attention.

“[My mom and I] lived in a small apartment, so first we had fish and snails that were all named after presidents – Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter,” she says. “It was funny.”

Rossum continues, “We thought I was allergic to cats because I had always gone to the cat show and had an allergic reaction because there were too many cats – so we got a small Maltese, and that was my first dog.”

Many rescues would follow, including the rescue of one pup that yielded a lifetime supply of tickets to one of her favorite television shows.

“I somehow rescued a Lab that had been lost by the producer of Dancing with the Stars, so now I have free tickets to Dancing with the Stars whenever I want,” says Rossum.

She adds, “I’m that person that will see a dog that’s on the street and I will figure out a way to trap it, put it in my car and get it scanned.”