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Grace the Mule Shoots Hoops – with Her Snout

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What a dunk!

With a little help from owner Steve Foster, Grace the mule scores during a game of pick-up basketball.

But putting the ball through the hoop is just the beginning of her show-and-tell display, which includes kneeling to pray, painting and playing catch.

“When I first laid eyes on her, I thought there was something special about her,” Foster told the Today Show in 2009, when Grace made her feature film debut in the Robert Duvall drama Get Low. “There was something special about her, and we just got a bond.”

Since she joined the family, Foster has also taught Grace to play the piano, pick up the mail, greet guests with a handshake (she extends her leg), and basic multiplication.

“She knows the tone of my voice,” he told the Northern Virginia Daily. “When to stop and when to go.”

Here’s hoping more of Grace’s tricks hit the big screen soon!

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