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Gosselin Dogs Face Uncertain Future

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When Jon Gosselin left his family’s German shepherds, Shoka and Nala, to a trainer in September, he blamed his estranged wife Kate for causing the separation, saying that she was not caring for the dogs while he was away.

In a new interview with TLC (the network on which Kate Plus Eight is aired), Kate Gosselin acknowledged her role in the decision while answering questions from viewers, saying that she “knew the dogs needed more than I could give them.”

Though many reports indicated that the dogs would not be reunited with the family, Kate suggested that they might be back with the family at some point in the future.

“Are they gone forever? I’m hoping not,” she said.

Last week, Jon said that Kate had gotten rid of the dogs’ bowls, which led him to be skeptical about their return.

The dogs, for their part, are still with Jeff Christopher, the trainer. Christopher told that the “dogs are great, healthy and doing fine,” but that he has received calls from Jon.

“He, as well as the rest of the family, miss the dogs very much,” Christopher said.

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