Kelli Bender
June 23, 2017 12:02 PM

It’s part Flashdance, part Step Up — and 100 percent gold.

On Tuesday, Zola the gorilla got down with his bad self during an enrichment session at the Dallas Zoo.

The primate breakdance bonanza started off as a simple dip in the pool kept behind-the-scenes at the zoo. But like a Gremlin that got wet, Zola couldn’t contain himself after a few moments in the water.

In the clip, Zola demonstrates typical gorilla play behaviors, which look a lot like Channing Tatum dance moves to us.

After busting out a flurry of impressive shimmies, spins and swings for 25 seconds straight, Zola cools down and goes back to enjoying a relaxing wade in his pool.

You just got served.

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