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Give Your Dog A Mattress As Nice As Yours

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There are some human-inspired items for dogs that I find silly – I don’t need my dog’s bed to be shaped like a tiny couch, for instance. But a dog bed made from memory foam is something I could, well, support. Having lived with a beloved dog who developed arthritis in her last years, I wish we’d found a memory foam bed for her; I think it would have given her great comfort.

I first spotted a memory foam bed for pets at KT Pet Supply, but there are a lot of choices available online. KT’s version comes in two neutral colors (mocha and sage) and three sizes, and the largest is only $85 – not a bad deal at all when you consider that larger pet beds can cost upwards of $130. At Stacks and Stacks, two sizes of memory foam beds ($45 and $60) come with a zip-off, washable faux sheepskin cover.

Pet-Pedic may have the largest selection, and prices to match. Their beds feature several layers of different weighs of memory foam for more support, and include smaller round beds ($85-123), rectangles for medium to extra-large dogs ($116-185) and medium, large and extra-large “Cuddler” styles with soft edging for animals to snuggle up with ($152-300).