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Kelli Bender
October 24, 2016 02:09 PM

Giuliana Rancic was recently bestowed one of the highest honors in competitive canine costuming: the chance to host the 26th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Presented by Beggin’ and PetSmart in New York City.

On Saturday, Rancic took her honorable spot and welcomed over 400 adorable dogs to the stage to have their costumes judged while thousands of onlookers oohed and awwed in delight. After years of reporting from award show red carpets, this was Rancic’s first all-dog affair, but she found many of the tips that apply to famous humans work for dogs dressing to impress as well.

In an effort to remained unbiased, she didn’t share these coveted celebrity fashion tips with the pups of the parade, but she did offer People Pets a little under the table advice on how to make sure your pet glows like a best actor on Oscar night this Halloween.

What are the pros of interviewing dogs over celebrities? 

Dogs are very easy to interview. I love dogs. The idea of being on stage and talking about their outfits is so much fun.

What do you look for in a Fashion Police-approved dog costume? 

It’s not different from most red carpets. You want to see something different. You want to see whoever is wearing the outfit to be owning it and loving it. That’s a big similarity to a regular red carpet. When it comes to Halloween costumes: the louder the better, the more creative the better. That’s my main thing. I want it loud and fun, but creativity is the biggest key. You want something that makes people go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Do you have any pets yourself? 

I have pets back in Maryland. I have Pomeranians and toy poodles. That’s what I grew up with. We want a dog in Chicago, but we travel a lot. We’re going to have to figure it out, because Duke has been asking us for a dog for a few months.

What does Duke think of you hosting the Halloween Dog Parade? 

I told Duke where I was going and he was really excited. So I’ve been sending him pictures and taking videos for him.

Did you dress your dogs up growing up? 

I did! Growing up I would go trick-or-treating and I would bring my dogs with me. And a lot of people do. I think it’s always fun to dress your dog up.

If you did have pets, how would you dress them up this year? 

What I like to do is get ideas from the headlines. That’s what Bill and I do year after year. We try to find something from the past year and see if we can make a costume out of it. So I would do a costume not dressed as someone, but as a reference to something in pop culture that has happened this year.

Something I think would be fun for a dog to dress as this year would be Pokémon Go. That’s pretty genius. It was such a big thing. So to have a dog in a little car, and dressed like it was playing Pokémon Go, I think that would be fun.

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