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Ginnifer Goodwin's Cats Have 'Big Love' for Each Other

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Cats can be solitary creatures, but not those of actress Ginnifer Goodwin! The Big Love star’s cats, Merlin and Pearl, are constantly showing their love for each other.

“I have a little white kitten that I actually got for Merlin named Pearl. They are inseparable!” she tells PEOPLE Pets. “They hold each other, they bathe each other, they sleep on top of each other, they play together and really there’s nothing like a rescue pet, they know have been rescued, they sort of come home with a gratitude I’ve never known in any other adopting situation.”

PEOPLE Pets caught up with Goodwin on Tuesday night in Los Angeles where she was doing good work for a good cause, using her celebrity star power to raise awareness for animal cruelty, at NSF and GQ magazine’s Stop Puppy Mills Humane Society Benefit. “You know we’re not doing anything except making the lives of animals better,” she says.

Goodwin, 31, became involved with the Humane Society after learning of her cousin’s impassioned work to stop animal fighting. The actress says she admires the organization because of their simple and practical approach to making a change, which comes down to just staying informed. She’s also doing her part by supporting the adoption of black cats, just like her beloved cat Merlin.

“I believe black cats are some of the most under-adopted animals there are because people think they are bad luck animals, which is such absurdity,” she says.

While her two kitties have proved to be quite smitten with one another, don’t rule out the possibility of additions to their family in the future. Goodwin, who attended the event with beau Joey Kern, says she may introduce a canine companion to her brood too.

Aside from her work with the Humane Society, the star recently made her diet more animal-friendly by becoming a vegan just more than a year ago and says she can feel the difference. “Everything started operating in it’s proper, intended way,” she says. “I don’t think I’ve had a zit in the more then a year … I have far more energy, I sleep better, my conscious is certainly more at peace.”

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