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Giant Rabbit and World's Smallest Girl Form Precious Friendship

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Odd couples don’t come cuter than this. Six-year-old Charlotte Garside, who was born with Primordial Dwarfism and is the unofficial World’s Smallest Girl, hopped on the chance to met a continental giant rabbit.

Only 27 inches tall and weighing 9 pounds, Garside made the ottoman-sized rabbit appear even larger. The pair met at the Big Sheep, Little Cow farm in Bedale, England, as part of Discovery and TLC’s new show Born with an Extra Body: Body Bizarre.

“Charlotte couldn t hold him because he weighed so much more than her. He was as heavy as a six-month-old child,” the girl’s mother, Emma Garside, told Metro UK.

She wasn’t able to tote her new furry friend around, but Garside was still eager to give huge hugs to the rabbit. This encounter is another highlight in a busy year for Garside, who also started primary school.