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Funny Video: Female Penguin Falls in Love with a Man

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Time and time again, the animal kingdom has shown us that love really knows no species, and this latest couple is yet another odds-defying example.

Meet Sakura, a 10-year-old female penguin who’s taken quite the liking to her male attendant at the aviary center at Japan’s Matsue Vogel Park, where she resides.

After Sakura’s mate, Musashi, died last October, the widowed bird continued to seek him out – until attendant Tsuyoshi Notsu caught her eye. Since he’s become the new object of her affection, Sakura happily trails after him at her habitat, and also strikes courting and breeding poses at him.

While it’s safe to say Sakura’s love is, sadly, unrequited, we can all learn a thing or two from her persistence: never stop trying to find love.