Amy Jamieson
May 16, 2014 10:45 PM

Cats give vacuum cleaners a bad rap. They’re too loud, they say, and totally too terrifying with all the attachments and hoses.

Well, here’s a pair of felines who’ve got the vacuum all figured out – and they’ve decided to make it work for them.

As this video shows, the vacuum’s hose can double as a body massager, neck scratcher, and tail cleaner. Instead of doing the sideways-kitty walk of death, as many felines do when they face a potential predator, these two cats seem to adore the many charms of the often-reviled cleaning device.

Kitty litter stuck in those paws? Not an issue for these kitties. Just wave the vacuum’s hose on those claws, and viola! It’s like a trip to the cleaners for a purr-manent press.

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