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Freddie Freeman Brings His Cat to Spring Training, and We're Suddenly His Biggest Fan

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That’s usually our reaction to anything remotely related to baseball.

All that changed this week when we learned that a baseball player named Freddie Freeman brought his cat to spring training with the Atlanta Braves in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, by car, no less, which is exceedingly brave in itself.

The cat named Nala travelled with Freeman and his wife Chelsea, and she fancied sitting between the two of them right behind the arm rest — with her paws crossed politely in front of her (look closely and you’ll see pink nail caps over those claws!).


In another Twitter shot, Nala sits pleasantly on a pink blanket on Mom’s lap, likely contemplating whether there’s catnip in Florida.


Hours later Chelsea shared another pic of Nala, who was out of the car and waiting in the outfield of someone’s bathroom for a reward after being such a good passenger (which, by our estimation, she totally deserves).

“The only thing Nala loves more than car rides,” she Tweeted, “is begging for treats.”