Stephen Renken
Amy Jamieson
May 03, 2017 12:03 PM

While some animal rescues are pretty standard, the fire department in Clayton, North Carolina, has filed this one under “unique.”

On Monday evening, the department was called on to help a dog stuck in a river — but this wasn’t just any stuck pooch. When they arrived, they found a German shepherd named Jack, approximately 10 feet down an embankment, tangled in vines, according to a Facebook post.

“The area of water was a calm eddie pool on the side of the river where it connects to a creek where Jack’s owner was letting him and their other dog enjoy a swim in the creek area,” says the post. “CFD personnel made quick work by lowering Engineer Bryan Belvin down the little embankment where he was able to cut away the vines that had wrapped around Jack’s legs and tail area, and then was raised up to pass Jack up the embankment.”

Photos the department shared on Facebook show rescuers tending to Jack, whose rescue pics were shared over 50 times.

“Jack is soaked but safe — thanks to Clayton Fire Department!” said the Town of Clayton Facebook page, which shared the fire department’s post. “No day is the same, no call is routine, and no dog is left behind!”

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