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June 04, 2010 09:00 PM

When Cherry Woods found herself the target of two pit bulls in the distance, ready to attack, she started walking back home. But the dogs caught up to her, and even as she and her husband tried to fight them off, they continued to charge and bite her legs.

According to a report from Houston’s KHOU news channel, a surprise hero came to her rescue: her tortoiseshell cat, Lima. As the Pearland, Texas, woman struggled, her onetime stray cat jumped out of the bushes and scratched one of the dogs, hissing at them. With the dogs distracted, Woods’s husband Harold was able to bring her into the house.

“I’m very glad that we had [Lima] and that she was here, because when it came down to my wife getting hurt, she jumped right in. It’s amazing,” Harold told KHOU.

Cherry, who was recovering with painkillers, said, “I don’t want the dogs back here.”

The dogs were initially quarantined, and have since been ordered by a judge to be euthanized.

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