Kelli Bender
April 12, 2017 04:55 PM

If parody is an art, Doug the Pug is DaVinci.

This Facebook favorite is beloved for his ability to turn out pitch perfect parodies of all our favorite things. His most recent adorable effort is the Big Pug Theory, a fluffy play on the nerd-powered CBS comedy.

What makes this canine re-imagining truly special is the set. Instead of cobbling together his own version of Sheldon and co.’s apartment, Doug was invited down to Warner Brothers Studios to film on the actual Big Bang Theory set and meet the entire cast.

Courtesy Doug the Pug

However, it wasn’t Doug who was star struck.

“Kaley Cuoco was so excited she wouldn’t let him go, she was squealing and freaking out,” Leslie Mosier, Doug’s mom, told PEOPLE Pets. “Jim Parsons was taking selfies with him.”

Courtesy Doug the Pug

Doug, on the other hand, was completely “unfazed.”

Courtesy Doug the Pug

Not surprisingly, Doug’s newest masterpiece is a huge hit, already racking up over 2 million views.

“People are loving it,” Mosier said. “Fans from the show are freaking out.”

Courtesy Doug the Pug

Doug’s enviable life continues! With another parody in the books, the famous pug is now focusing on his upcoming coloring book. Out May 2, this creation will feature pictures of Doug traveling the world, eating his favorite foods.

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For those reading this and thinking they might have their own pet star living in their home, Mosier has this advice.

“Be consistent and find your pet’s voice and make it really unique,” Doug’s mom suggested. “People relate to Doug because he has a strong personality.”

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