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PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin Goes Wild in Sexy Photo Shoot

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Yes, we called him the Sexiest Veterinarian in 2016, but Dr. Evan Antin basically threw his hat into the ring for Sexiest Man Alive contention this week with a steamy animal-themed photo shoot for Basic magazine.

In two pics Antin — a veterinarian at California’s Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital — shared on Instagram, he’s holding exotic animals (his favorite) while showing off his toned biceps. But he’s turning the pictures into teaching moments, too, educating swooning Instagram followers about his creature costars.

“I love discussing my profession but broaching the subject of wildlife conservation is so important and I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to speak on it,” the 31-year-old writes alongside a photo of himself with a large monitor lizard.

On a second pic, in which he’s wrapped in a reticulated python, he drops knowledge about the animals’ size, eating habits and senses.

Here's another fun pic from my shoot with @basic_magazine recently. Thank you @mariuszjeglinski for capturing this special moment! Isn't this #reticulatedpython I'm wrapped up in a stunna! Did you know #retics grow up to be the longest snake in the world!?? Almost 10 meters!…I've caught a few in the wilds of #southeastasia but only juvies, <2 meters. They're non-venomous but have epic constricting abilities and that's how they subdue their prey items. Like all snakes, retics don't have ears but they do have another amazing sense…the ability to sense heat! Being often active at night they use the heat signature of potential meals (birds, lizards, mammals, fish) to find them 🔥 Thanks again @priscilla_jocelynh for letting us play 🤗 And scope out her page if you're a reptile fan like myself 🐍🦎🐲 #basicmagazine #snake #oldworld #exotics #wildlife #dontbeafraidofsnakesplease! #appreciatethem #theyaremoreafraidofYOUbtw #happyhumpday

A post shared by Evan Antin 🐊🐣🐒🐱🐶🐢🐖🐍🐅🐿🐇 (@dr.evanantin) on

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Antin dished on his love of exotic animals, and the lengths he goes to find them. His latest trip was to the Philippines, where he visited a rescue organization that breeds Philippine freshwater crocodiles, among the most endangered in the world. In the past, he’s done dental work on primates in Indonesia, wrangled lizards in Botswana and watched the echidnas (spiny anteaters) of Australia. “If it has good wildlife, maybe a jungle, cool people and neat history, I’m there,” he says.