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Etsy Fave! Sleeping Bags for Snuggle-Happy Pets

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The responsible pet owners at would do everything to keep their loved ones out of harm’s way, yet we would like nothing better than to slip our furbabies into the mouth of a narwhal this winter.

Don’t worry, the blue monster and its spear are made out of fleece, as are the other carnivore-shaped sleeping bags from Seattle-based seller rikarika on Etsy.

The PetCosy ($45), a blanket/sleeping bag/bed/transportation device comes in various styles – there’s the polar bear, the killer whale, the shark and the alligator. With your little furball tucked safe and warm inside, it’ll look just like the ferocious beast of a blanket has just had a great meal. How fun is that?

Each cosy is made to order by hand with machine-washable fleece, so if things get messy (grizzly bears tend to do that to their food), clean-up is easy. The monster blankets are big enough for all cats, according to the seller, and will fit dogs as big as a beagle. For all the styles and more info, check out rikarika’s Etsy shop.

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