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Etsy Fave! Personalized Pet Food Bowls for Dogs Big and Small

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What little kid doesn’t love drinking from a personalized cup, and why wouldn’t a dog love it just the same? Treat your pup to some custom lovin’ with Kim Berger’s personalized bowls.

Berger, who spends her days working in a veterinary clinic, knows first hand how much owners love their pets. She understands that pet owners want the best for their furbabies, so each of her bowls ($19.50) is designed to be the perfect size for every dog. “I know how much dogs should be eating,” she tells, “which is how I have been able to make the correct size bowl for the correct breed.”

Mom to chocolate Labs Katy and Jade and cats Lenard and Jabbs, Berger is familiar with keeping her pets well fed and happy. Each bowl is hand made on a potter’s wheel, fired in a kiln and given its own unique glaze.

Want a special color, shape or texture? Send Berger a message on her Etsy page. “I love collaborating,” she explains. “I ask a customer a little bit about how the piece will be used, the colors of a room.” With a little collaboration, out comes the perfect bowl!

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