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Etsy Fave! Paintings Reveal Your Pets' Inner Person

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It’s a fact: pets possess human genes. Why else would we catch them watching TV, stepping on the scale, or playing with an iPad?

Artist Jay Schmetz decided to capitalize on the behavior we’ve all witnessed for years by painting animals acting like people. What he serves up are colorful caricatures of pets partaking in everyday activities; like a ragdoll cat sipping a glass of wine, a basset hound playing the violin and an elephant taking a shower.

“I’ve always wanted to paint narratives … you see these animals and you really just think of them as people,” Schmetz tells

Painting for almost 10 years, Schmetz draws inspiration for his pieces from the “20 pigs, 8 dogs and 4 cats” who inhabit the animal sanctuary he shares with his wife.

All his works start out as an oil painting and are then photographed and reprinted as an image or in some cases onto tiles or even mugs. His 11-inch by 14-inch paintings are the perfect size to brighten any area of your home.

Next up for Schmetz? Working through as many breeds as possible – that’ll no doubt keep him busy for a long, long time. We suggest he tackle the iPad kitty when he’s done!

Check out Schmetz’s Etsy Shop to snatch up a colorful painting and add some pizzazz to your walls!

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