Katie Kauss
September 28, 2010 11:45 AM

When Shawn Danielson’s sister called in a panic two years ago because she couldn’t get her young son to wear a hat on a cold Connecticut winter’s day, Danielson knew she had just the tools to tackle the problem. Calling on her more than 30 years of crocheting experience, Danielson gathered her needles and yarn, and – presto! – less than an hour later she had fashioned a warm (and fuzzy) solution.

“He loves bears, so I made a bear [hat] and he wouldn’t take it off,” Danielson tells PEOPLEpets.com. “He actually slept with [the hat] in his crib.”

After making a second hat and selling it on eBay in less than 10 minutes, Danielson knew she had a hit on her hands. Shortly thereafter she launched her Etsy shop, The Head Said, through which she now offers more than 130 handmade character hats and other headwear and happily takes custom requests. Her best seller is the sock monkey hat – and her personal favorites feature a shark and a giraffe, respectively – but she can quickly churn out a Longhorns hat for any Texas fan, or fashion a frog, a clown fish or a penguin for noggins big or small.

Check out Danielson’s Etsy shop and get a hat ($18-$24) for yourself, a friend, a child – anyone who’ll need some cute and cozy headgear this winter!

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