Amy Jamieson
August 11, 2011 06:00 PM

Eric McCormack is waiting to hear a dozen furry footsteps come bounding into his L.A. home. They are the three rescue dogs – Molly and Katie, both 13, and Scruffy, 2 – that are about to return from a family vacation in Vancouver.

Molly, the diva, acts as the boss of McCormack’s mutt mob. Katie? She’s the nervous, peculiar one in the group. And then there’s young Scruffy – she’s the “party girl.”

The actor is the much-adored master of this eclectic bunch, even though the youngest pup supposedly belongs to his 9-year-old son, and Katie is allegedly his wife’s dog.

“Daddy does it all,” McCormack says of doggie duty. “Occasionally, I get the kid to come out with me and he will take Scruffy and claim ownership. But I love it, I love that that’s my domain.”

So entrenched is he in the doggie realm that the former Will & Grace star can soon be heard as the voice of a dog on the Hub animated series Pound Puppies, which begins airing new episodes Aug. 13 at 9 a.m. ET. McCormack plays Lucky, the brave canine leader of a pack of dogs that help shelter puppies find loving homes.

The actor is also an informed animal rescuer. A self-proclaimed “pound person,” he gave his oldest dogs a home 13 years ago when they were found tied to an L.A. parking meter and suffering from mange. His newest addition, “troublemaker” Scruffy, was found abandoned at a house in Watts, Calif.

Though the trio now lives a great life – traveling every summer by RV to the oceanside home the family built several years ago – they’ll never lose their street-dog mentality. “If a houseguest has any kind of food in their purse or overnight bag,” McCormack says, “Scruffy will find it.”

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