Kelli Bender
August 06, 2014 02:45 PM

Here’s what “working like a dog” really looks like.

A tiny cigarette store in Japan is receiving international attention thanks to one panting, four-pawed staff member. The owners of Musashi-Koganei, a hole-in-the-wall tobacco shop, have “employed” a Shiba Inu to work the front of the house.

Every customer is greeted by the furry face of Shiva-kun – who has learned how to open the shop’s window – before making a purchase. The store’s aww-worthy addition has helped the bodega earn a loyal customer base.

But it isn’t all work for this dedicated dog attendant. The Shiba Inu has his own cushy cubbyhole complete with his favorite treats (cucumbers) under the window, for whenever this industrious pup needs a well-deserved nap.

Could dog-manned markets be the new cat cafés? One can only dream.

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