Kiran Hefa
January 30, 2014 05:15 PM

There’s probably nothing dogs love more than a good game of fetch with their owner – but what if the person throwing the ball is two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning?

Lucky for Chester, the King Charles Cavalier who calls Manning dad, there’s no reason to be intimidated about his performance as a receiver.

“He’s good at fetch and we do a lot of that,” Manning told PEOPLE Wednesday in New York while participating in Purina Pro Plan’s MANning vs. DOG Challenge. “He’s pretty good. He can find it and he can go get it. He’s got good speed and good agility.”

Chester, whom Manning and his wife Abby welcomed into their family before the birth of their daughters, 2½-year-old Ava and 7-month-old Lucy, is also a beloved companion for the rest of the football star’s family.

“He’s sweet with our kids,” the athlete said, noting that both he and his wife grew up with Labradors and wanted their children to grow up around animals, as well. “It’s fun seeing my oldest starting to interact and wanting to play fetch and them having their own special relationship.”

To see more of the football pro and the MANning vs. DOG Challenge, check out the video below:

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