Saryn Chorney
May 11, 2017 04:38 PM

He’s tiny and French, and he may not know it yet, but he’s about to become a big All-American star.

Meet Tre Wade, the newest member of the Chicago Bulls family, and more specifically, the latest pup to join Dwyane Wade‘s doggie family, which currently includes Bobby Hurley, Pink, Jaro and Charlie Blue, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The basketball player took to Instagram to introduce his new bestie with a heartfelt post.

“Tre’ Wade!!! He doesn’t know it yet but he’s gonna be my best friend. Once again as @unlawfullady always says…All your friends you pay for them to be your friends. Dang that’s cold! Oh well. My little homie is in training but he’s already apart of the Wade family. Can’t wait to hit the streets with you Tre’.”

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Wade signs off with a “Frenchie” hashtag. In the post, he also quotes his stylist Caylann Barnett who says, “All your friends you pay for them to be your friends.”

While a dog’s love is always free and from the heart, we have a feeling Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union will be showering this little sweetheart with lavish doggie gifts on top of their already apparent love for him.

It’s likely Bulls fans will be seeing a lot more of this adorable French bulldog very soon.

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