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Drunk Teens Take Circus Llama on Tour of Bordeaux

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How do you say OMG in French?

Serge the llama was abducted by five drunk teens from a circus in Bordeaux, France, and taken for a wild ride on the local subway system.

The bizarre caper began on Thursday after a group of guys left a nightclub that morning, according to The Independent. They went to a nearby circus, which was closed for the night, and decided they’d take a zebra as a souvenir.

However, the animal was having none of it. So they settled on Serge.

“We went in and played with the animals,” one of the five men, named Mathieu, told a local news station. “We ended up taking a llama with us.”

Led by leash, Serge was taken onto the local tram system, where the animal tried to wander around until an inspector ordered him off and tied him to a lamppost.

Although it was reported that the five men were arrested, The Independent reports they will not be charged. The sequence of events prompted a Facebook campaign in their favor, and a celebrity with much invested in this story has spoken out: Serge Lama, a French singer.

“It’s a joke that ended well,” Lama said. “We’re so used to seeing unfunny things, whereas this has helped break the ambience of moroseness [here in France].”