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Dolly Parton's Namesake Stray Returned to Owners

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Looks like there’s a fairy tail ending after all for Dolly Parton’s furry namesake, who was found alone in a tent at the Glastonbury Music Festival.

The pooch, nicknamed “Doggie Parton,” is back in a fur-ever home – just not with Parton.

“In the last five minutes, we got a call from the main people with the government, and they told us that the true owners did come forward,” Parton, 68, said in a virtual press conference on Thursday. “They had reported the dog missing. There was a language barrier; I think they were from another country. They got the dog back, and everyone feels good about it.”

Given the dog’s old age, she probably would not have been able to travel to America anyway, Parton says.

“She’s 15 years old,” she adds. “Because she was not in great health, they thought it would have traumatized her to have traveled.”

While she’s glad that the dog is “back where she belongs,” Parton admits she’s feeling a little disappointed.

“I feel kind of sad because I was looking forward to taking her home,” says Parton with a laugh. “I was going to rename her Glassy because of Glastonbury. I was going to say ‘Glassy, come home.’ I couldn’t very well call her Dolly. I would have called her Glassy Doggie Parton, though.”

As she wraps up her European tour and heads back home, she admits that she does not have any plans to adopt another furry friend anytime soon.

“I have a big responsibility at home,” she says. “My heart just really went out to this particular dog. I thought it was just meant to be somehow. I was not going to drop the ball nor the dog.”