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February 08, 2014 11:00 PM

Nobody nose heartbreak quite like Snuffles.

The 4-month-old Belgian shepherd has been overlooked by potential adopters because of a unique birth defect: a snout that looks like two noses.

“It is such a shame to think that this sweet-natured lad may not find the loving home he deserves,” Sandra Lawton, manager of the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, tells the Daily Mail. “We take in hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes but I have never seen anything quite like Snuffles.”

The sweet and affectionate pooch, who was taken in by the shelter a month ago, has four nostrils and the ability to move each side of his snout independently. But despite appearances, Snuffles only has one nose, clarifies veterinarian Angela McAllister.

“Instead of his nostrils being fused together he’s got some sort of split there,” she tells the Mail. “I’ve never seen the condition in my 20-year career.”

But anyone willing to look past Snuggles’s malformed muzzle will quickly realize his merits.

“He is just a typical, fun, bouncy puppy,” says supporter relations officer Emma Louise Livingstone. “He is very keen to learn and would be perfect to train up for any potential owner.”

For more information on Snuffles, click here to read his adoption profile.

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