Amy Jamieson
October 21, 2016 12:00 PM

This foster turned into forever!

A pooch that was thrown over an L.A. cliff earlier this month has been adopted by the family who took her in after the ordeal, Fox 11 News reports.

Witnesses told the station that the female pit bull was thrown 15 to 20 feet over the cliff and that a bush broke her fall. The shocking scene was captured on a neighbor’s home security camera.

A man named Reuben Roque and his family later fostered the dog, whom they named Hera, after the Greek goddess.

“It’s been rough just not knowing which direction things were going to go and it was such a waiting game,” Roque told the station of adopting the dog, who became part of an animal abuse investigation.

L.A. Animal Control told News 11 it’s still working the case — no arrests have been made — but, per protocol, the organization had to take the pup from the family to spay and microchip her so she could be adopted. On Wednesday, she was released to Roque and his family.

“She was a wonderful patient,” said Marcia Mayeda, director of Los Angeles County Animal Control. “Very friendly to all the staff and she was a joy to have, but she belongs with her family.”

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