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Dog Show and Tell: Deacon the Collie Chases Down Wild Bears!

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It was unusual for Deacon to be barking the way he was the day Natasha Holowaty let him run around the backyard. The 5-year-old smooth Collie, who will be at Westminster for the first time this year, is usually laid back, like other herding dogs. But that day, Deacon’s hair was standing up on his back and he would not stop barking, no matter what Holowaty tried to do.

Even more unusual, when Holowaty and her friend tried to inspect the backyard, Deacon kept circling them and growling. Holowaty decided to check the front of the house, and when she started walking out to the driveway, Deacon ran in front of her. Holowaty then saw a big black bear roaming her front yard, but before she could do anything, Deacon was chasing after the bear.

“I was screaming at Deacon to come back,” Holowaty tells “He’s a dog compared to a bear, and the end result wouldn’t be very good.” Luckily, Deacon had the bear spooked enough that it crossed the street.

When he isn’t protecting his family, Deacon spends his time on the dog show circuit, which suits his attention-seeking personality.

“He’s a big goof,” Holowaty says. “He makes a scene. He just wants to be watched and pet – and he always gets it.”

Deacon’s Vitals:
Formal name: Ch Uneeda Last Minute Wish
Breed: Smooth Collie
Group: Herding
Hometown: Truro, Nova Scotia
Age: 5.5
First time showing: Yes