Saryn Chorney
May 11, 2017 02:06 PM

Got a new puppy and in need of some naming inspiration?

Or maybe you’re just curious how your own pup’s name stacks up to both the common and more bizarre doggie name selections of New Yorkers? Well, look no further than the New York City Dog Name Database.

The NYC.Gov site features an interactive bubble tree map (even city dogs love trees …) on which you can find all the usual suspects: Bella, Bailey, Max, Lucky, Daisy, Charlie, Rocky and Lola for starters.

But it’s the data highlighting some of the more, um, creative canine monikers that makes this naming tool really fun. For instance, check out these famous names, as noted by Digg:

There are 328 dogs named Prince vs. 47 dogs named Bowie.

Three dogs are named Beyoncé and three are named Adele. (Tie! What say you Grammy voters?)

Forty-six dogs are named Bernie and six dogs are Hillary. (We also found two named Trump and four named Donald.)

Two dogs are named Jesus, and luckily only one is named Satan (poor pup).

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Of course, in a foodie city like New York, there are also quite a few adorable edible names:

We found Cookie 328 times, to 95 for Biscuit.

Fifty-six dogs answer to Chocolate, while 15 are Vanilla.

Eight dogs are named Salsa and three are Guacamole.

Four dogs are Pizza (we would’ve expected more!) and three are Sandwich.

So, go ahead and give it a whirl. Like all Internet name generators, this one provides at least 15 minutes of fun.

But word to the wise: There’s only one (!) dog named Spoon in New York City and she’s all mine.



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