Kelli Bender
June 28, 2017 04:09 PM

There is a large group of folks out there who just aren’t fans of rodents. And we’re not only talking about rats or mice; this disdain often applies to squirrels, chinchillas, guinea pigs and hamsters.

The Bernese mountain dog in the video above just found out he is a card-carrying member of this group.

The dog recently met his human’s new furry friend, who is much smaller and weirder than the other fluffy animals he has encountered at the dog park, and he is NOT into it.

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It’s not that he has anything against the hamster, he just doesn’t want it anywhere near him, okay? Even if the royal family loves them.

The hamster is welcome to keep on living its little pellet-loving life, but this big dog would just prefer the hamster did it far, far away from his personal space.



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