Amy Jamieson
April 21, 2017 02:40 PM

Sorry, but it needs to be said: Pickle found himself in a pickle — one that only people could help get him out of.

For up to four days, the skittish stray was spotted around Fort Worth, Texas, donning a plastic pickle-like jug on his head, but he was too scared to get close enough to strangers for help.

“We came upon this male Boxer with a plastic pickle-type jar stuck on his head this morning on Watson Road West,” shared a woman named Staci Szybowicz on Facebook on April 11. “We worked for about half an hour to get close enough to him to remove it but were unable to. Each time he bolted from us and the last time we were unable to catch up with him again.”

According to WFAA News 8, who reported the story, Szybowicz shared the dog’s plight on social networking site NextDoor, where others wanted to help, including dog sitter Mike Phipps, who reached out to a shelter.

“I saw it and shared,” Phipps told the station. “No water and lack of oxygen is a great concern.”

Along with Szybowicz, who helped locate the dog, Officer Randal Mize and a partner were able to get close enough to the dog to pull off the container, the story said.

“Eventually, we got it,” said Mize, noting it was actually a cheese ball container. “And then the fresh oxygen almost caused the dog to pass out. It was pretty intense.”

On April 19, the City of Fort Worth Animal Shelter shared that Pickle was still scared but on the mend.

“Pickle is one of our newest arrivals at the shelter, and we’re so happy he’s with us,” said the update. “Pickle is going to stay at the shelter for a bit since he has a few medical issues and is extremely scared right now.”

The shelter praised everyone involved for their efforts saving the dog, who will be adopted into a home or go to a rescue organization.

“Thanks to their networking on NextDoor and contacting us, officers were able to get the jar off his head and give this sweet boy a second chance,” said the post. “Great collaborative effort everyone!”

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