Courtesy Animal Care Centers of NYC
Kelli Bender
January 16, 2018 05:07 PM

Buddy the German Shepherd has finally found a friend.

The sweet-natured dog was tied up outside Animal Care Centers of NYC‘s Brooklyn shelter and abandoned there sometime early Saturday morning, reports the New York Daily News.

Left outside in the New York City cold on his own, desperate to find warmth and safety, the 1-year-old dog started gnawing at his injured leg. The German shepherd had been abandoned with a wire tightly wrapped around one of his hind legs. This limb eventually atrophied, causing the desperate canine to bite it off completely.

That is how Buddy was found. Bleeding, alone, and in need of help. He was first spotted by Animal Control Officer Feraz Mohammed, who saw the dog while he was walking into work at six in the morning.

Courtesy Animal Care Centers of NYC

“The dog was tied to the fence in front of the shelter,” Mohammed told NY Daily News. “The dog was friendly and approachable, but when I called the kennel attendant, I saw the blood on the floor. His leg from the elbow was missing.”

Once Buddy, who was named by the shelter, was found, he was rushed into surgery to treat his injury. He may need further surgeries in the future, including a complete removal of the affected hind leg, but right now he is on the mend and his spirits are surprisingly high for what he has gone through. Buddy was recently transferred to a BluePearl Veterinary Partners animal hospital to determine what his best course of action is for a happy and healthy future.

Courtesy Animal Care Centers of NYC

“People bring animals to the facility all the time, but they rarely just leave them outside, especially ones that are injured,” Mohammed said. “Hopefully he is going to go to a good home.”

Animal Care Centers of NYC hopes this upsetting incident is a reminder to animal owners that, if they need to surrender their pets, for whatever reason, the ACC will accept them. There is no need to abandon your pet to the elements.

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