Courtesy Alison Smith
Kelli Bender
May 05, 2017 01:38 PM

Differences don’t matter to Scarlet and Mowgli.

Scarlet doesn’t care that her best friend Mowgli the blind cat can’t see her face. And Mowgli doesn’t even notice that her dog buddy needs a little help getting around.

What matters to them is that the other is always there to cuddle and take adventures side-by-side.

Both of these disabled sweeties belong to Alison Smith, an animal lover who has dedicated her life to rescuing pets of all kinds, which are often among the last to be adopted.

Courtesy Alison Smith

Alison Smith and her husband Steve are the founders of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, a non-profit originally started to rescue, care for, rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused miniature horses. Now, that scope has expanded a bit.

“Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue is NOT just for horses anymore. We have taken in goats, cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, roosters and cows. We don’t usually take dogs but a few special cases have come along where no one could/would help so I just had to step in or I can’t sleep at night,” Alison told PEOPLE in an email.

One of these dogs is Scarlett. In January, Alison learned of the paralyzed pup, who was found abandoned in a North Dakota ditch, and took her in. Before finding her forever home, Scarlett was hit by a car and left in the aforementioned ditch, where, in the -20 degree night, she suffered frost bite on her paws that was so severe the skin on the dog’s feet was removed.

Courtesy Alison Smith

“A few months prior to Scarlett coming in, a vet friend had called us about a cat that was found wandering the street bumping into things,” Alison said. “It was a stray and only about 9-10 weeks old. It’s eyes were so infected they were literally falling out of the sockets! They had to remove his eyes and asked if I would take him.”

The animal lover, of course, said yes. After a few weeks the kitten, Mowgli, who previously was too scared to move far, was navigating the Smith house with ease.

When Scarlett arrived soon after, Mowgli saw her as a new thing to explore. And he found he quite liked this furry addition.

Courtesy Alison Smith

“When Scarlett arrived, he and Scarlett were immediately attracted to each other and they have been best of friends since day one. They eat, sleep and play together every day and even ride in a stroller together. They have a unique bond that I have never seen before and truly show love for one another almost like humans,” Alison shared.

To learn more about Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue and support their work, you can visit their website.



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