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Demon Kitties Become Little Angels in My Cat from Hell

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What do you do when your feisty feline causes nothing but trouble?

For some, the solution is to call Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s new series My Cat From Hell. The three-part miniseries follows the tall, tattooed and cool-tempered Galaxy as he helps cats and their owners work through problems.

My Cat from Hell is basically about my trip into people’s homes to help work with their kind of crazy cats,” Galaxy tells “[I] try and think like the cat, to find out what’s stressing them out and to solve the problem and make the home workable.”

The L.A.-based therapist comes armed with his signature guitar case, which he fills with cat toys, treats and training tools, and works to mend relationship between cats and their owners. For the last 16 years, Galaxy has treated a range of problems, but the majority of his work deals with litter box issues and feline aggression. Realizing that it takes more than just treating the kittens in the home, Galaxy makes sure to connect and work with pet owners as well, mentoring them in order to improve the relationship.

“I truly believe that I can walk into anyone’s home and use my special skills to resolve their cat issues, whether caused by the owner, the feline or both,” Galaxy says.

My Cat From Hellpremieres May 7 at 9PM ET/PT on Animal Planet.