The Dallas Zoo via AP
Amy Jamieson
October 14, 2016 01:46 PM

Apologies in advance — this may just be more cuteness than any human can handle.

The Dallas Zoo announced on Wednesday that their stunningly adorable baby elephant, Ajabu, made his debut with his mother Mlilo at their outdoor enclosure, and will continue to be available for public viewing, weather permitting.

If Dallas is off your radar, don’t worry, there’s video of the 5-month-old toddler, whose mama was one of seventeen African elephants rescued from drought-stricken Swaziland this past spring.

“It’s an incredible feeling to see how involved the public has been in Ajabu’s five months of life without meeting him until today,” Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo president and CEO, said in a statement on the zoo’s website. “Ajabu is a remarkable ambassador for his declining species, and now he’s able to connect our community even more to the importance of protecting African elephants.”

Just like the arrival of a new human, Ajabu’s introduction to his new world took some serious care. Calf and mother bonded privately for several months while staff worked to “baby-proof” every area the baby would inhabit, the zoo said, which includes two barns, behind-the-scenes yards, and the lower portion of the Giants of the Savanna habitat.

Aside from the fact that he’s 175 lbs., Ajabu is like most growing babies. He’s teething, experimenting with solid foods (like produce and hay) and still nursing like a champ. Consider the video above Mom’s first official Facebook video of her offspring (Hey, she would if she could!)

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