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Cute Photo: Mother Lion Gives Her Cub a Sloppy Kiss

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The baby doesn’t realize it yet, but it will soon learn that when something is as cute as this, you must make contact.

This mother-cub pair was snapped mid-lick at the Monarto Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The still-unnamed lion was born on May 3 to 7-year-old Kiamba and 10-year-old Leroy, and it has been strong and healthy so far.

”’The cub was the only one in the litter and has been developing well over the past few weeks, venturing outside the den and building in confidence daily,” said Glaire Geister, a carnivore keeper at the zoo.

The zoo will find out the cub’s sex soon. In the meantime, it has set up an auction on eBay for the chance to name the cub. The auction ends June 14.

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