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Crafty Sea Lion Hitches Ride on Boat in Cabo San Lucas (VIDEO)

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”Oh, hey, how are you guys? Are you enjoying Cabo? Beautiful weather we’ve been having, right?”

Much like that leathery fisherman with the bucket hat who strolls up to you at the bar when you’re on vacation and winds up talking you into buying him a margarita or three, this sea lion is one smooth operator.

He doesn’t even need to swim with the boat he’s freeloading from. Nope, he just bellies up to the back of the boat (where the bait fish are stored) and starts wolfing fish down, because that’s how he rolls, in this video shot by Justin Sandifer in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Then, like all good freeloaders, he leaves. Whether or not he left behind the scent of old sunscreen and a few Jimmy Buffett tapes could not be ascertained.

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