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Country Singer Jace Everett's Dog Helps Out in the Recording Studio

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He croons the title song to HBO’s True Blood, “Bad Things,” but country singer Jace Everett has nothing but good times with his dog when he’s recording music at his at-home music studio.

“He’s on a lot of records actually,” Everett says of his Schnauzer-Welsh terrier mix named Teddy. “Every time we do a demo you can usually hear his collar being shaken and his toenails clicking on the hardwood floors.”

The pooch, who the singer rescued from a hoarder over two years ago, really does seem to have an ear for music. “He’s one of the few dogs I know that will sit down and just listen to you,” he says. “If he hears a guitar he’ll go in the other room to see if it’s one of his favorite tunes or not.”

Although he’d like to, Everett doesn’t take the dog on the road, which can be tough. “I miss him terribly when I’m on the road,” says Everett, whose been traveling a lot recently to promote his new album Red Revelations which came out Tuesday. But, he’s able to keep in touch with his furry pal via his computer. “I Skype with him,” he says. “I Skype with my son and my dog. Teddy can see me, but he has very little interest. He listens to me and his ears perk up – it kinda weirds him out I think.”

Teddy is actually weirded out by a lot of things. “He’s basically a big old coward,” Everett says. “He startles really easily.” So much so, that one day the dog walked into Everett’s recording studio and got aggressive with a hanging Chinese lantern.

“He came in and started growling and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong – it was really like that protective growl,” he recalls. “I realized the air conditioner was making that lantern bend and he was scared. I had to pick him up and let him sniff on it and when it touched his nose he flinched.”

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